By George Bains –

6 May, 2020

The all-Australian collaboration behind multi award-winning 84m White Rabbit has unveiled a stunning new 105m trimaran superyacht concept. The Sam Sorgiovanni design, developed with the expertise of Echo Yachts and One2Three Naval Architects, is the ultimate blueprint for efficiency, comfort and style. Sam Sorgiovanni speaks exclusively to about the release of a project that he believes “has never been done before”

105-metre TSY105 has very much evolved from the ground-breaking platform of White Rabbit, which became the epitome of superyacht efficiency upon her launch in 2018. With much of the industry-wide push for sustainability centred on the development of hybrid propulsion systems, White Rabbit combined these advantages with the inherent efficiency gained in a trimaran structure. The resulting masterpiece provided a glimpse into the future of yachting, the next chapter of which is now ready for inspection.

Sleek lines, a curvaceous profile and ample exterior areas connecting guests with the surrounding environment. TSY105 has everything in her design that we have come to expect from a contemporary monohull. If any stigma surrounding multihulls was not broken with White Rabbit, it should well and truly be shattered to pieces with this concept.

For Sorgiovanni, harnessing the power of a trimaran into a design fitting of a monohull was a primary challenge of the brief. “The intention was to extend the bow forward which has the benefit of a more efficient hull, but it also gives you a more sleek, slender and conventional looking profile,” explains Sorgiovanni. “Apart from the jawline, where the tunnel opens at the bow, there’s really nothing that gives her away as a trimaran. Parked in any marina or sitting in any bay, from most angles she looks like a conventional motor yacht and we really wanted to achieve that to eradicate the prejudice against trimarans. We wanted to prove here just how far trimarans can be taken.

While she borrows from the advanced engineering platform of White Rabbit, TSY105 is a standalone vessel in her own right. Significant development of her design and General Arrangement make her more suited to mainstream superyacht aesthetics and onboard functionality, while styling can still be adapted to client taste.

“We had a proven platform in White Rabbit Golf. So, with Steve Quigley at One2Three Naval Architects, we decided to effectively stretch the centre hull while still maintaining the engineering platform as much as possible. We took everything we learned from the 84m and applied it to a slightly longer vessel, which allowed us to free up the entire main deck for the guests in a more conventional layout.” White Rabbit’s unique GA stemmed from the Owner’s wish to have crew quarters on the main deck, however TSY105 returns to a more traditional layout with 6 guest cabins on the main deck and crew accommodation below.

The main deck also boasts a formal dining area and large lounge area, leading onto an aft exterior area characterised by a 13m x 3m swimming pool. The upper deck provides the Owner with their own exclusive area and a complete offering of on relaxation and entertainment facilities. Perfect for completely detaching from the outside world, the upper deck comprises of a massage parlour, beauty salon and IMAX cinema. For those times when duty calls, the Owner can rely on the private office and meeting room at their disposal. The forward-facing Owner’s stateroom with his and hers en-suites is designed to offer 180-degree views, and has direct access to the helideck for a cinematic entrance or exit. An aquarium is the centrepiece of the aft lounging area that connects to both al-fresco dining facilities and up to the sun deck gym.

Innovative use of the exterior decks has ensured that there is a suitable space for any activity guests feel inclined to. From an abundance of bathing areas on the main and sun decks, to the inviting sky deck Jacuzzi and bar, there is something to cater for every mood and need on board. With foredeck and sundeck helipad options along with an extensive tender garage in the bow, there is plenty to offer those with an appetite for adrenaline.

“Although it is unique and different in every way, the methodology is similar to White Rabbit Golf. Not only would we save time on the engineering design phase, but Steve {Quigley, MD of One2Three Naval Architects} is very comfortable that this yacht will be even more comfortable and efficient. With the longer hull, we are only making improvements to a proven platform.”

The significance of what has been achieved with White Rabbit and what can be achieved with TSY105 is not lost on Sorgiovanni. The prodigy of Jon Bannenberg, Sam Sorgiovanni has become a trailblazer in his own right. A designer with a vision that has made the most of Australian shipbuilding’s distinct advantages, namely an expertise in multihull forms and an advanced aluminium industry. “It’s never been done before, at least it certainly hadn’t been done when we first did White Rabbit. You’re a pioneer in the sense that your thoughts, the way you conceive it and put it together, can set a trend for the future.”

Bravery to be bold is even more important in the context of Australia’s reputation in the superyacht sphere. “You can’t be building the same thing as everybody else and expect people to come here and build a boat because we are far away. Aluminium is our strength without question. The ability to build a strong, lightweight and eco-efficient vessel is also a strength and is definitely an area that Echo Yachts is a leader in..”

Trimaran hulls have been an untapped resource holding the key to several questions of modern superyacht design. Sorgiovanni, Echo Yachts and One2Three Naval Architects have shown that trimarans can satisfy the need for fuel efficiency and copious space for luxury facilities in an elegant and timeless design. We can expect that TSY105 will catch the eye of any astute owner.Working with Australia’s top superyacht design talent, Echo Yachts prides itself on an ability to deliver fully custom projects of any hull configuration to turn an Owner’s dream into reality.